Lata Mangeshkar Health Update from breach candy hospital

Vocal Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar is admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai for the last 15 days. People are spreading various kinds of rumors about his health. In such a situation, his spokesperson and hospital are repeatedly giving clarification and issuing his health update (Lata Mangeshkar Health Update). Some time ago the health update of Lata Mangeshkar has been released from the official Twitter account of Lata Di. In which a statement has been issued quoting the doctor of the hospital and has told the fans that Lata Di’s condition is improving.

Lata Mangeshkar Corona Report’s tweet wrote, “A heartfelt request to put an end to the disturbing speculations. Update from Dr. Pratima Samdani of Breach Candy Hospital. Lata didi is showing more positive signs of improvement than before and her treatment is going on in ICU. We wish and pray for his speedy recovery and return home.”

Lat mangeshkar health update. (Photo Credits: Twiiter@mangeshkarlata)

Earlier this morning also the health update of Lata Mangeshkar was released. In which, according to doctors, the condition of Lata Mangeshkar has seen more improvement than before. Lata Mangeshkar Spokesperson Anusha Srinivasan Iyer has recently asked to put an end to the rumors of her health and false news.

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Appeal of Lata Mangeshkar’s spokesperson

On behalf of Lata Mangeshkar’s spokesperson Anusha Srinivasan Iyer, it has been said that many types of false rumors are being spread about Lata Mangeshkar’s health. Don’t believe the fans on such news. Lata Mangeshkar is being treated under the supervision of Dr Pratat Samdani and other doctors. Let us tell you that even before this an appeal was made by the family to give an update regarding Lata Mangeshkar, fans are requested to take care of the privacy of the family.

False rumors about Lata Mangeshkar’s health

A few days back, Lata Mangeshkar’s condition was reportedly said to be deteriorating and after that her spokesperson had termed the news as false. He had said, ‘The spread of false news among people is disturbing. Please note that Lata didi is immobile. Please pray for his speedy return home.

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