Never Mention These 5 Things To Anyone You Will Get Into Trouble Know What Acharya Chanakya Says Chanakya Niti

Do not tell your sorrows and problems to anyone else. Because by doing this people do not help you but make fun of you.

Acharya Chanakya, a great economist and rich in intelligence, is very famous for his policies. Acharya Chanakya had a deep understanding of the society, so he composed a Niti Shastra, in which he has told people how to live a happy, successful and dignified life. Chanakya’s policies are considered relevant even in today’s time. It is believed that the person who follows his policies, he never has to face failure in his life.

Chanakya ji He has mentioned five such things in his ethics, which a person should not mention even by forgetting to someone else. Because by doing so, a mountain of troubles can break on him.

Things between husband and wife: Husband and wife should not tell the things between themselves to anyone else. Do not tell things related to your married life even to your best friend. Because doing so can get him in trouble. Also, there may be a rift in the marital relationship.

Insult: One should not tell about his humiliation to anyone else. Because by doing this your image gets damaged and your respect in the society is less.

Loss of money: If for some reason you have lost money and you have to take a loan, then do not tell this to anyone. Because by doing this people start making distance from you.

your sorrows: Do not tell your sorrows and problems to anyone else. Because by doing this people do not help you but make fun of you. That’s why people should not share their sorrows with anyone else, because in future you may have to face trouble.

wealth: Chanakya ji It is said that just as a person should not share his loss with anyone, in the same way one should not share his wealth and property with everyone. Because by doing this people start envying you.


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