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Now money will not be filled even after challan is cut, learn new

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New Delhi: This news is very important and full of relief for the drivers. Now you will not have to pay money even if the challan is deducted. If you also use a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle to go from one place to another, then now you are free from the tension of paying money after deducting the challan. According to the new rule, if the traffic police challan you wrongly, then it does not mean that you will have to pay the challan. The challan of the traffic police is not a court order. It can be challenged in court.

Know that according to the new Motor Vehicle Act, a child above the age of four years will be counted as a third ride. In such a situation, if you are going out on your two wheeler with child and wife together and your child is more than four years, then your challan can be deducted. Under Section 194A of the Motor Vehicles Act, for violating this rule, your challan of Rs 1,000 can be deducted.

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At the same time, according to section 180 of the Motor Vehicle Act, if you are stopped by the traffic police while driving a car and you are asked for a driving license and you do not have a driving license, then your challan of Rs 5,000 can be deducted and with Can be jailed for up to 3 months. Recently, while giving information about this, the Ministry of Road Transport had issued a warning regarding this.

new traffic rules

  • It is not mandatory to have physical documents. You can show soft copy.
  • If the driving license is to be cancelled, it can be canceled through the web portal.
  • Under the new Motor Vehicle Act, the behavior of the driver will also be observed and the identity of the police officer will also be updated in the portal.
  • Whenever any vehicle or driver is inspected, its information will be uploaded on the portal.
  • E-challan will be issued for those who break the traffic rules.

List of traffic rules:

Crime invoice (first) invoice (Now)
General (177) 100 rupees 500 rupees
Violation of Red Regulation Rule (177A) 100 rupees 500 rupees
Disobedience to order of authority (179) 500 rupees 2000 rupees
Driving an unauthorized vehicle without a license (180) 1000 rupees 5000 rupees
Driving despite disqualification (182) 500 rupees 10000 rupees
Driving without a license (181) 500 rupees 5000 rupees
Over Size Vehicle (182 B) 5000 rupees
over speeding (183) 400 rupees 1000 rupees
Dangerous driving(184) 1000 rupees 5000 rupees
drunk driving (185)
2000 rupees 10000 rupees
Racing & Speeding (189)
500 rupees 5000 rupees
Overloading (194) 2000-10000 rupees Rs 2000-20000
Seat Belts (194 B) 100 rupees 1000 rupees
Driving without a permit (192A) 5000 rupees 10000 rupees
Violation of License Condition (193) Nothing Rs 20000-100000
Overloading of Passenger (194 A)
Nothing 1000 rupees
overloading on two wheeler
100 rupees 2000 rupees and license canceled for three months
not wearing a helmet
100 rupees 1000 rupees and license canceled for three months
Failure to give way to an emergency vehicle (194 E)
Nothing 10000 rupees
Driving without insurance (196) 1000 rupees 2000 rupees
Power of officers to attach documents (206) Nothing Driving license under 183,184,185,189,190,194c,194D 194E will be canceled
Offenses committed by imposing officers (210 B)
Nothing Twice fine under relevant section

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