On Dhanteras, Mercury enters in Libra zodiac sign, know which zodiac sign will come to the house of Lakshmi

Budh Rashi Parivartan Tula 2021: The transit of Mercury in Libra will be very auspicious for some zodiac signs and will prove to be troublesome for some.

Budh Rashi Parivartan November 2021: On the day of Dhanteras i.e. on November 2, the planet Mercury has entered Libra. This planet is considered to be the factor of communication skills and intelligence of a person. Libra is the friendly sign of Mercury. Mercury will transit in this sign till November 22, after which it will enter Scorpio. The transit of Mercury in Libra will be very auspicious for some zodiac signs and will prove to be troublesome for some.

Sheep: The time from November 2 to November 22 will bring many opportunities for you. Take any decision very carefully for better results in future. There are indications of huge profits in partnership work. You can start a new business. Avoid making unnecessary expenses.

Taurus: During this time, you may have to work harder to get success in any work. Health will remain good. You will be successful in making your own identity in the workplace. Expenses may increase suddenly. If you do any work with patience, you will get success.

Gemini: Your creative abilities will increase during this transit. There will be no problem related to money. There may be some problems in family life. But Maa Lakshmi’s special grace is being seen on you.

Cancer: Will be worried about health. There will be opportunities to make gains during the journey. You will prosper on the professional front. I will try my best to improve my career. You can buy a vehicle. This month is going to be excellent regarding money related matters.

Lion: During this period, you may have to travel a lot due to work. Will expand business. Some great achievement can be achieved. There will be special grace of Mata Lakshmi. (Also read- If the movement of Saturn will change, then the people of this zodiac will start Shani Sade Sati)

Virgo: This time will prove to be beneficial for the people of this zodiac. You can get money suddenly. Your prestige will increase in the workplace. Health will remain good.

Libra: The guidance of superiors will prove beneficial for you at the workplace. There will be chances of getting any big profit during this period. Luck is with you. You will get success in the efforts made during this period. The special grace of Mata Lakshmi remains on you.

Scorpio: During this time you will work hard to achieve success. This period will prove beneficial to you in your career. A plan can be made to go on a religious journey. The avenues for the arrival of money will open.

Sagittarius: During this time your money and grains will increase. You will be able to face every challenge well. Will start new work. There will be strong chances of getting profit during this period. You will be successful in saving money.

Capricorn: This time will prove fruitful for you. This is a very good time for career. There will be strong chances of getting success in the efforts made during this period. Maa Lakshmi will have special blessings on you. Long pending work will be completed. Seniors will get full support at the workplace.

Aquarius: During this transit, you will get the support of luck in everything. There is a strong possibility of financial gains. A new project can be found. (Also read- The last lunar eclipse of the year is going to happen in November, people of this zodiac and constellation will be affected the most)

Pisces: You will be successful on the work front. You can get money suddenly. Health will remain good. Mother Lakshmi will be kind to you, due to which your financial condition will be better than before.


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