Saina Review: ‘Saina’ is another sports biopic


Saina Review: Making a biopic on a living person is not free from danger. There are many people who have seen and understood that person closely. These people do not tolerate even a small mistake. Saina, a film on the life of badminton player Saina Nehwal, starring Parineeti Chopra and directed by Amol Gupte, was recently released on Amazon Prime Video, in a line of making films on sportspersons’ lives. Before this, this film was also engaged in theaters for some time. Due to Corona, there were less viewers in the cinema hall.

After Sachin Tendulkar, Saina Nehwal is such an athlete in India who inspired children to make a career in sports. Saina became a role model, a youth icon and a champion. Saina’s fan following is still tremendous. As it happens in the biography of every successful sportsperson, the support and sacrifice of parents and family members, hard work, getting up before the brahm muhurta, the sacrifice of deeds in the penance of qualification building and the blessings of the gurus. This is all in the film Saina.

Saina, the daughter of a fighting mother and a hardworking father in a Jat family, grew in love with badminton because of her mother. Whatever shot Zindagi played towards her, Saina’s mother taught Saina how to play that shot. Her father picks her up at 3 a.m. to take her on a scooter to teach badminton 25 km away, her sister keeps sacrificing quietly, Saina smiles and laughs with only a few special friends, without giving up with a focused coach like Pullela Gopichand , Practicing despite constant scolding and defeating various national and international players with a bang and then one day falling down from the summit, handling the fall and climbing to the top again… is in Saina’s biopic.

And most importantly, that’s just what is in this biopic. All the drama that could have happened in Saina’s life has been put in this film. No story was made, no story was fabricated, and no story was created. Like Saina’s cross court smash. Fast, powerful and effective. What did not happen in this biopic is the lack of an emotional connection with the main character. The film is good. Young people will like it, it is right to make young children aware of sports career. Saina’s struggle was seen in the film but not felt. The audience did not choke. His victory was his victory, but less, his defeat remained only because of him. There was no hatred for Manav Kaul (Rajan Sir) in the role of Pullela Gopichand and Ehsan Naqvi in ​​the role of Parupalli Kashyap could not fall in love. This is the week point of this film.

Biopics always hold a dramatic story, in which the main character either falls in love or vehemently hate. Both could not happen with Saina. The story is written by director Amol Gupte himself and the dialogues are by Amitosh Nagpal. In films, especially in biopics, there is a story of catharsis, nostalgia, memories, of conquering struggles, overcoming difficult situations and becoming victors. Whatever is there in Saina, the audience did not feel an emotional connection with it.

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Parineeti accepted this role when Shraddha Kapoor expressed her inability to do this film. Parineeti’s acting is good. Parineeti has played the role of a naive girl in an arrogant manner. Meghna Malik has done a lot of over acting in the role of mother, but no public appearance of Saina’s mother has been seen, so perhaps this drama filled character was necessary. Shubrajyoti Bharat in the role of father and coach no. Ankur Vikal has done a good job as 2. Naisha Kaur Bhatoye has done a commendable job in the film, who has become little Saina. Nayesha herself is a national level badminton player and she was discovered by Shraddha Kapoor. He has no future in acting, but for this role, no other artist could have been better than him. Manav Kaul impressed as usual once again.

The production of the film was heavier than the story of the film. Shraddha Kapoor did a lot of hard work after signing the film and by learning the tricks of badminton, she also started learning the style of Saina. One day suddenly he left the film, citing his health. At the same time, the producers made a statement that Shraddha is not giving prominence to this biopic, so Parineeti is being cast. Parineeti also copied everything in learning badminton and holding a racket like Saina / her standing style. But if the story is predictable, then whatever you do, it will not matter.

It took 5 years to make the film. Maybe because of this, the director got tired while working on the story and made the film. There is no innovation in directing. After films like Taare Zameen Par and Stanley Ka Dabba, Amol’s Saina disappoints. A social message like “the whole family contributes to the success of the player” was also inserted in the film, which does not seem to make any effective contribution to the story of the film. Saina’s mother first fighting for admission in the camp and then Saina’s father buying shuttle corks for the daughter’s expensive by taking loan from PF, nothing was disclosed except these two incidents.

The music of the film fits the story but it is difficult to say that a song will become a hit. Armaan Malik has taken over the reins of music, and “Chal Wahi Chalen” and “Parinda” are good to hear and understand. Both the songs have been written by Manoj Muntashir.

The film is predictable. There is nothing new in the film. Still, Parineeti will be considered as one of the better performances of her life. There is no emotional drama like Chak De India, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Paan Singh Tomar, or Mary Kom in this film. This reduces the ability of the film to leave an impression. There is a lot of lack of conflict in the story. Saina and Kashyap’s love story could have been shown and if Kashyap himself is a champion player, he could have increased his role a bit. Saina’s recovery process after the injury has also been shown very quickly.

This film can be seen as a good film with the family at home, as a raw story of becoming a youth icon and with the aim of inculcating the love of sports in our children.

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