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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s father, actor, director and a magic writer Salim Khan is celebrating his 86th birthday today. Salim Khan is a writer who not only changed the face of Indian cinema, but also lit a lamp of hope in Indian society. The credit for making Amitabh Bachchan the ‘Angry Young Man’ also goes to Salim Khan. Together with Javed Akhtar, Salim Khan has written the scripts of many great films, but Salim Khan’s personal life himself is also no less than a film.

A decision of Salim Khan caused an earthquake in his entire family. It was his decision to marry Helen, who reached Kolkata and then Mumbai before Burma. His entire family was angry with this decision of Salim Khan. By the way, both the wives and children of Salim Khan are often seen laughing and smiling together. On several occasions, Salman Khan is also seen holding his hand with his stepmother Helen, but according to media reports, Salim Khan’s children were not ready for his relationship with Helen.

Actually, Salim Khan first married Salma Khan, whose real name is Sushila. In 1964, Salim married Salma, after which Sushila Charak changed her name to Salma Khan. With Salma Khan and four children, Helen entered Salim Khan’s life, due to which there was a lot of uproar in her family.

There was a lot of estrangement between Salim Khan and the family regarding the decision to marry Helen. His children including Salma Khan, Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail and Alvira were against this marriage. In an interview, Salma Khan had revealed that she is disappointed and depressed by this marriage. His children did not even talk to Helen. But, later Salma and her children realize that Helen is not as bad as they think. Rather she is very good.

Salim Khan with his two wives Salma and Helen.

Helen used to take care of everyone in the family, after which gradually the whole family united. Helen Richardson, a resident of Burma, became a background dancer in films due to poverty. Gradually, Helen became involved in films.

Salim Khan wrote in one of his articles, ‘Salman, Suhail, Arbaaz and Alvira felt that they had found another mother in the form of Helen. At the same time, Helen felt that she had found a readymade family. That’s why we never thought about having a child after marriage. Also, at the age when we met, we did not even think about children.

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