Salman Khan ex Somy Ali reveals why they broke up says I wanted to marry him ss

Somy Ali is that Bollywood actress who was in a relationship with Salman Khan for years in the 90s. People heard a lot about the romance of both, but after about 8 years of relationship, both of them decided to separate and Somi went back to US after breaking up with Salman (Salman Khan ex Somy Ali). Years later, Somi told why her and Salman Khan’s love affair had broken up (Somy Ali reveals why they broke up).

Somi and Salman’s relationship lasted for 8 years
The relationship between Somy Ali and Salman Khan lasted from 1991 to 1999. Years later, Somi remembered that love story of her 8 years during an interview. In a conversation with The Free Press Journal, Somi praised Salman Khan’s parents and said that he learned a lot from them.

So went back to US
Somi said, ‘I learned a lot from his parents and family. I also learned from Salman. After all, in any relationship, if you’re not happy, it’s better to be apart. This was the condition of Salman and my relationship and I decided to go back to America.

Somi Ali wanted to marry Salman Khan.

Had a crush watching ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’
Somi told that she started dating Salman at the age of 17. He said, ‘We used to watch Hindi films and I had a crush on Salman. I had a dream that night and decided to leave for India. I was only 16 at that time and it was strange for me to even think that I could go to Mumbai and get married there. I dreamed of marriage and I thought it was the will of the above. I started looking for my suitcase. I told my mother that I am going to Mumbai to marry Salman Khan.

When Somi told Salman Khan – I have come to marry you
Somi also shot a film with Salman Khan, which got called off due to some reason. Talking about her feelings during that time, Somi said, ‘We were going to Nepal. I was sitting in front of him. I immediately took out his photo and showed him. I told him that I have come here from so far to marry you. He said that I have a girlfriend. I said – it doesn’t matter. I was a teenager. Our relationship started a year later, when I turned 17. Earlier he told me, I love you.

Life lessons learned from Salman’s parents
Talking about Salman’s parents, the actress further said, ‘What I learned from his parents is amazing. The doors of his house were open to everyone. People used to come to his house. The door never closed for anyone. He does not discriminate in religion at all. Which is the most important lesson for me.

Appreciate Salman Khan fiercely
During the conversation, Somi praised Salman. He called Salman ‘generous’ and praised him for his love for animals. He also praised Salman’s philanthropic work which he is doing through the Being Human Foundation.

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