Salman Khan plea for interim order in defamation suit against his Neighbour rejected by court ps

Mumbai: The Mumbai City Civil Court on Friday refused to pass any interim order in favor of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Salman Khan had filed a case against one of his neighbors for alleged defamation. In the case filed by Salman Khan, it has been claimed that Ketan Kakkar, the owner of a land near his farmhouse in Panvel, Mumbai, tried to defame him during a conversation with a YouTube channel.

According to the suit filed by Salman Khan, objectionable remarks were made against him while talking to a YouTube channel on behalf of Ketan Kakkar. In such a situation, the actor has demanded that the derogatory content against him should be removed and the platforms on which this content has been made available should be blocked.

Salman Khan has also made social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter as parties in his lawsuit and has demanded that he be directed to block the objectionable remarks made against him from his website. Earlier on January 14, in the City Civil Court, Judge Anil H. Laddad heard this case of Salman Khan.

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Ketan Kakkar’s lawyers sought time
However, advocates Abha Singh and Aditya Pratap, representing Ketan Kakkar, had reportedly opposed it, saying they had received the documents last evening and did not even get time to look into the entire matter. Abha Singh also said that if Salman can wait for a month to file the suit, then definitely Ketan Kakkar should be given some time to give his reply.

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