Sana Khan Anas Saiyad umrah video photos shared by ex actress

Sana Khan (Sana Khan Anas Saiyad Wedding Photos) Leaving the world of acting and married Gujarat businessman Anas Syed last year. She is now enjoying her married life. After the ban was lifted from the lockdown after marriage, she went to Maldives to enjoy a honeymoon with her husband. After this, another video of her surfaced in which she was enjoying a long drive with husband Anas. Now Sana has gone on another beautiful journey with her husband.

Sana Khan Instagram Photos has shared pictures and videos of her beautiful journey with fans. While sharing these pictures and videos, she said that she will inform the fans about every moment and food. Actually, Sana Khan has come with her husband to perform Umrah in Mecca. He shared a picture sitting in the flight. In this picture, she can also be seen in a white burqa and her husband Anas in a white outfit.

(Photo Credits: Instagram @sanakhaan21)

Sana Khan told a beautiful journey

Sharing this picture, Sana (Sana Khan Umrah Video) wrote, “Umrah, what will happen, what will be a laughing moment, when food will be our Hazari, after marriage, the beautiful journey of our life.” After this Sana has shared another video. In this video, Sana can be seen entering a hotel with her husband. He is being welcomed and guided in the hotel.

Sana Khan shared the video

Sharing this video, Sana Khan wrote, “And the beautiful journey started. In Mecca’s most popular hotel. Very soon I will give information about the stay, food and everything in the coming days. If you stay here you will get to know everything.” In the video, Anas is seen bald. They have shaved their heads before Umrah.

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