Sapna Choudhary dance video went viral on social media – Fans got restless to see Sapna Choudhary dance, said

Mumbai: Everyone is crazy about the tremendous performance of Haryanvi dancer Sapna Choudhary. Sapna Chaudhary always gives great performance for her fans. He is very much liked especially in Haryana. The ‘Desi Queen’ of Haryana has once again given the gift of dance to her fans. Sapna has shared a video of herself on social media, which is now becoming very viral. In this video, the dancing queen is asking her fans to be patient.

Sapna Choudhary has shared a tremendous video of her live performance on Instagram. In the video, Sapna is seen doing dance moves on the stage wearing a lehenga, while the song ‘Katto Squirrel’ is playing in the background of the video. Sapna has written a very funny caption by sharing this. He wrote, ‘Have a little patience, my friend, Tehelka and Moz both will create…..’ Comments are coming on the post of ‘Desi Queen’. Sapna’s fans are not tired of praising her. Commenting on his post, a user wrote, ‘Wow ma’am you are looking very beautiful.’ At the same time, another wrote, ‘You are really looking amazing, Sapna ji.’ See Sapna Choudhary’s post here.

Let us tell you that Sapna Chaudhary has appeared in ‘Bigg Boss 11’. He got a different identity and image through this show. In this show, she performed for the first time on ‘Teri Aakhya Yo Kajal’, after which her dance video became so viral that Sapna Choudhary was covered overnight.

He also has many music videos on YouTube which people like. If we talk about Sapna Chaudhary’s personal life, then she married Haryanvi singer Veer Sahu. He also has a son.

Let us tell you, the fan following of Dancer Sapna Choudhary is all over the country. Wherever she goes, crowds gather to see her. Apart from Haryana, Sapna Chaudhary has given stage performance in many states of UP, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. Haryanvi dancer, actress and singer Sapna Choudhary is appearing in new Haryanvi songs one after the other after becoming a mother. Which people like a lot.

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