Shahid Kapoor gives wife Mira Rajput a kiss as she was busy with her first love ps – Shahid Kapoor reveals wife Mira Rajput’s first love, says

Mira Rajput, wife of Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, may not be active in Bollywood, but she competes with big actresses in terms of fans and followers. Mira keeps on expressing her love for Shahid, as well as Shahid also never backs down from expressing his wife’s love. Now he is seen doing the same thing once again. Shahid Kapoor has shared a video on social media with wife Mira, in which both are seen sitting on a bench outside in winter. In the video, both are fully packed and enjoying winters.

In the video shared by Shahid Kapoor, he and Mira are sitting on different sides of the bench. While Shahid is sitting on one side of the bench, Mira is on the other side. But, during this time Meera’s entire focus is on her first love i.e. mobile. At the same time, Shahid is also busy making videos with his wife sitting far away. Sharing the video, Shahid Kapoor has described mobile as Meera’s first love.

In the video, Shahid and Mira are seen in winter wear. In the video, even though Meera is sitting on the other end of the bench, even though Meera is sitting far away, she does not shy away from lavishing love on her wife. Shahid kissed Meera even from afar and then started smiling. On the other hand, Meera is constantly busy with her mobile. Commenting on the video, Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan Khatter has advised Meera to straighten her waist.

Sharing his video with wife Mira, Shahid Kapoor wrote in the caption – ‘His first love is the one he is staring at. But I am fine being his second love. What to do. Love is just that.. #winterlove’ This video of both is now covered on social media.

Mira-Shahid is considered to be the perfect pair in B-Town. Meera may be away from the big screen, but she keeps making her fans crazy with her fitness and style. Meera has a huge fan following on social media. Shahid often shares his lavi-dwee pictures with wife Meera. Who also gets a lot of love from the fans of this power couple.

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