Share any thing with these people after thinking, otherwise you may get into trouble.

Vidur Niti: It has been discussed in Vidur Niti that there are some people who, if they come to know about your secret, they can trouble you in future.

Vidur Niti talks about the thoughts of Vidur of the Mahabharata period. This was the special thing in Mahatma Vidur that in spite of having so much wisdom in him, he never took pride in himself or his understanding. Vidur ji was always considered very intelligent, so his brother Dhritarashtra liked to talk to him on every subject.

Vidura and Dhritarashtra dialogues are included in some sections of this policy. It is said that Dhritarashtra used to take the opinion of Vidur ji in many matters even after going against his Kauravas. It is said that due to being with Vidur ji, Pandavas got victory in Mahabharata. It is said about these policies of Vidur ji that there are some people in life from whom no secret should be told even by forgetting. Because such people can trouble you in future.

clever person: According to Vidur Niti, the person who is clever is not really worth listening to all the secrets. Because such people do not care about anyone’s feelings. Such people listen to someone’s feelings and thoughts and try to use them in their own interest when the time comes. That is why it is said that in order to give importance to a person in his life, it is necessary to stop for some time and think.

greedy person: According to Vidur ji, a greedy person cannot be close to anyone. The greedy man does not even consider cheating on his father. Do not make any relation with such persons and never tell your secrets. Because such a person can use your secret to prove his greed when the time comes.

Too much talker: People who talk too much or are fond of talking can become a danger to others. According to Vidur Niti, people who have a habit of talking or talking more, they talk less about themselves and more about others. During this time, most people do not hesitate to tell the secrets of others to the people.


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