Shibani Dandekar came out in support of Britney Spears, said- ‘Women


american pop star Britney Spears He did not get freedom from the Conservatorship of his father. Rejecting all the arguments of Britney, the court kept the right of protection with her father Jamie Spears. For the last 13 years, every decision related to Singer’s life is taken by his father. Brittany had pleaded in a US court that she wanted freedom, but the judge refused to do so. Many celebs have expressed their displeasure against this decision of the court.

Bollywood actress-singer, model Shibani Dandekar, who came in support of Britney Spears, took out anger on her Instagram story. After this decision of the court, the screenshot of a news article was shared on Insta Story and wrote ‘This is the world where we are living’.

(Photo Credits: shibanidandekar/Instagram)

Apart from this, Shibani Dandekar shared another story in which her anger is clearly visible. Shibani wrote ‘Stop controlling women’.

Shibani Dandekar came out in support of Britney Spears, said- 'Women

(Photo Credits: shibanidandekar/Instagram)

Britney Spears fans are also running a campaign called ‘Free Britney’. Let us tell you that James, the father of American pop singer, has been taking care of him legally since 2008. James has got the right that he will take every decision related to Britney’s life. This includes matters related to financial as well as personal life. Britney’s mental condition was not good at that time. Conservatorship is a US law, which gives the right to protection. In this, the court elects the representatives to protect. This law is for those people who are not able to take care of themselves mentally or physically. But after a long time, when the pop-singer, considering herself healthy, wants to get rid of this law, she also got disappointment from the court.

Let us tell you that Shibani Dandekar is the wife of Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar and is a model, singer and actress. Shibani started her career with American television. After coming to India, he hosted many Hindi television programs.

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