Some interesting facts related to the hero horses of the book “Shalihotra”, Amazing Facts About Horse In Hindi


Amazing Facts About Horse In Hindi: In ancient times, there are many things related to the horse, which we usually do not know. This animal, which has more than 300 species around the world, is called very straightforward and devoted.

New Delhi. Amazing Facts About Horse In Hindi: A mammal called horse or horse has been working as a friend of man for many years. Humans have been using this faithful animal to perform tasks such as horse riding or carrying loads. Despite living with humans for centuries, there are many interesting facts about horses that many of us may be unaware of:

1. Generally animals rest by sitting or lying on the ground but horses can complete their sleep either by standing or lying down.

2. One similarity between humans and horses is that the protein found in the hair of humans, the hooves of horses are also made of the same protein.

3. Difference of teeth is found in male horse and female horse. Generally male horse has 40 teeth and female horse has 36 teeth.

4. Horses can see things around them at once by rotating their eyes 360 degrees. Because their eyes are on the right and left side of their head.

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5. One amazing thing about horses is that the size of their jaws is bigger than the size of their brain.

6. Humans use their mouth and nose for breathing whereas this is not the case with horses. Horses can only breathe through their nose.

7. Do you know that the direction in which the ears of horses are turned is facing with the same eye.

8. Although horses are also herbivores, they do not ruminate like animals like buffalo, cow or camel. Rather, they swallow their food while chewing it in one go.

9. Although we humans are very fond of eating sweets after food, but you will be surprised to know about horses that horses also like sweet taste very much whereas they do not like bitter and sour food at all.

10. There is no fixed time for giving birth in humans or in other animals, whereas it is generally seen that most of the horses give birth only during the night.

11. The height of the world’s smallest horse was 14 inches while the height of the tallest horse was 7 hands. Let us tell you that the unit for measuring the height of a horse is called a hand and there are 4 inches in a hand.

12. A horse’s aggressiveness or anger can be detected by the fact that its ears are turned back.

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