Sonu nigam wife madhurima and son test positive for covid 19 in dubai says it is a happy covid family ss

Coronavirus is once again increasing rapidly. This fast growing third wave in India is once again causing concern. Many celebs of Bollywood and TV industry have come under the grip of Corona. Some people have defeated it, while some people are still fighting with it. Veteran singer Sonu Nigam, who ruled the hearts of millions of people due to his melodious voice, is Kovid 19 positive. Recently, he has given information about this by sharing a video on social media. Along with Sonu Nigam, his son Neevan Nigam, wife Madhurima Nigam have also got corona.

shared video on social media
Sonu Nigam has shared information about himself being Corona positive through a video on his Instagram account. He has shared a video of about 3 minutes, in which he has told that he is in Dubai and fighting the battle with Corona (Sonu Nigam Corona Positive).

This news was given with the best wishes of the new year.
In the video shared by Sonu Nigam, it is written- ‘Happy New Year to all of you. I am covid positive. Many people know this and many do not. But it is also true that I do not feel that I am Kovid positive. I am in Dubai. I had to come to India because I had to perform in Bhubaneswar and also shoot for Super Singer Season 3. But when I got the corona test done, I was found positive. But I hope that I will gradually recover. How many times I have done concerts in Viral and Throat Bad and it is much better than that. I am covid positive but I am not dying. My throat is also running ie I am fine. There is nothing to be afraid of. But I feel bad that a lot of damage has been done. Other singers have arrived in my place.

Why is Sonu Nigam feeling bad?
In the video, Sonu further says, ‘Many people are being found corona positive around us. It is spreading very fast. I feel bad for us because the work has just started. I feel bad for the people associated with theaters and also for the filmmakers. Because the work is being affected for the last two years. But hopefully things will be fine’.

The family got corona from these people
Sonu Nigam finally told that his wife Madhurima Nigam and son Nivan are also Corona positive. He said- ‘My son, my wife and my wife’s sister are all infected with the corona virus. We are a happy corona positive family. Let us tell you that Sonu Nigam was doing concerts and shooting continuously for the last one and a half months, due to which he has not even met his family. Now after being Kovid positive, he is quarantined with his family in Dubai itself.

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