Sonu Sood celebrated Lohri with his sister says Oh Bibi De Lohri Teri Jeevee Jodi ss

The festival of Lohri (Happy Lohri 2022) was celebrated with great pomp across the country. People could not make that noise in the wake of Corona. But people did not break the tradition, the celebration was small, but celebrated. Many celebs in Bollywood celebrated this day in a special way. Some enjoyed the festival with their family and some friends. Actor Sonu Sood, who is called the messiah of the poor like Kajol, Vicky Kaushal, Katrina Kaif, along with sister Malvika Sood Sachar celebrated the festival of Lohri in style and remembered his childhood.

Childhood remembered by celebrating Lohri
Sonu Sood, active on social media, celebrated Lohri of the year 2022 and remembered his childhood. He has shared a video on Instagram, in which he is seen celebrating Lohri with loved ones in typical Punjabi style.
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Sonu Sood sang Punjabi folk song with sister
In the video, Sonu Sood is seen singing a Punjabi folk song sung on Lohri. Recalling his childhood, Sonu Sood says in the video- ‘Many people know that in childhood when we used to go to celebrate Lohri, we used to sing- ‘O Bibi De Lohri Teri Jeeve Jodi’. In the video, Sonu again stops everyone and asks a woman to sing, Amma then replies to Sonu in the song. Sonu Sood and his sister Malvika again sing in fun- ‘Sundar Mundariye Tera Kaun Vichara, Dulla Bhatti Wala, Ho, Dulle Ne Dhee Biyahi, Ho, Ser Sugar Pai, Ho, Kudi Da Lal Pataka…’ ‘O Bibi De Lohri Teri Jive Jodi’.

Fans also congratulated
Seeing this video, fans are praising Sonu and congratulating him on Lohri.

Will not campaign for sister
Sonu Sood’s sister Malvika Sood Sachar will contest the Punjab Assembly elections this time. For which the preparations are in full swing. After the sister joined the Congress, people were speculating that Sonu Sood would now be seen campaigning for the sister in Punjab. But he has put an end to these speculations. In an interview given to the Times of India, Sonu Sood clarified that he will not be a part of his sister Malavika’s election campaign.

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