Sunny Leone complaint with Kapil Sharma said You don’t call me know what the comedian said an

MumbaiActress Sunny Leone will be seen in the upcoming episode of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Show makers have released a promo video of this special episode, seeing that it seems that this episode is going to be very funny. Singer Mika Singh, Sharib Sabri and Toshi Sabri will also be seen with Sunny Leone.

In the video you can see that when Sunny Leone and singer Mika Singh come on the stage of the show, Kapil tells Sunny that he had not seen Sunny for a long time, to which Sunny says, ‘I know, you don’t call me. Didn’t even say hi. Nothing.’

Kapil Sharma’s answer made a lot of noise
The only thing the actress had to say was that Kapil Sharma, Archana Puran Singh and Mika Singh burst into laughter. Then, Kapil gave a more funny answer to Sunny’s talk. He says, ‘I got married while waiting for your phone number.’

Kapil’s show partner Sumona Chakraborty is suffering from Kovid-19
Kapil’s show member Sumona Chakraborty told on social media that she is suffering from Kovid-19. He wrote in his Instagram story, ‘My Kovid-19 report came positive with a moderate system. I am quarantine at home. I would request the people who came in contact with me last week to kindly get themselves checked. Thank you.’

Kovid-19 report of many celebs came positive
This episode was shot before Sumona’s Kovid-19 test report came positive, as she is seen in the promo video with Sudesh Lahiri. Before these, the corona report of celebs like Drishti Dhami, Delnaaz Irani, John Abraham and his wife Priya Runchal, Prem Chopra and producer Ekta Kapoor came positive.

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