Surya Grahan 2021: Solar eclipse is going to happen soon, know which zodiac sign people will be affected the most

Surya Grahan 2021 Time: The eclipse is going to happen on December 4. According to Indian time, the eclipse will start at 11 am and will end at 3:7 am.

Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) December 2021: According to science, a solar eclipse is an astronomical event. But eclipses in India also have religious, spiritual and astrological significance. According to astrology, it is not considered good to have an eclipse because it has a negative effect on people’s lives. Therefore, it is advisable to take many precautions during the eclipse period. According to religious beliefs, after the end of the eclipse, doing charity and charity does not have an inauspicious effect. Let us tell you that there is going to be a solar eclipse on December 4. Know the complete details related to this eclipse here.

When and where will the solar eclipse be visible? The eclipse is going to happen on December 4. According to Indian time, the eclipse will start at 11 am and will end at 3:7 am. This solar eclipse will be visible in Antarctica, South Africa, southern part of Atlantic, Australia, South. According to the Hindu calendar, the second and last solar eclipse of the year 2021 will take place on the new moon of Kartik month in Vikram Samvat 2078 in Scorpio and Anuradha constellation. This will be a total solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse will affect this zodiac sign: Sun will be present in Scorpio and Jyestha constellation at the time of eclipse. Due to which the people of these zodiac signs and constellations will be affected the most by this eclipse. You will have to be careful in every work for a few days after the eclipse. There are strong chances of loss of money. Avoid taking any decision in haste during this period. Anyone can get cheated. So don’t trust anyone blindly. Avoid getting angry. (Also read- These 3 zodiac signs are likely to get job benefits in 2022, see if you are also involved)

Will it wear or not? The eclipse is not happening in India, so its Sutak period will also not be valid. Let us tell you that the Sutak of the solar eclipse starts about 12 hours before the eclipse. No auspicious work is done during this time. Along with this, worshiping is also prohibited. Avoid eating or drinking anything during solar eclipse. (Also read- Girls of this name achieve a very good position in their career with their hard work and dedication)


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