Taimur ali khan birthday kareena Kapoor and saif ali khan celebrate their son birthday turns 5 years

Kareena Today is the birthday of Taimur Ali Khan, the eldest son of Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan. As much as there is talk of Kareena-Saif, so is their little Nawab. The biggest name in Bollywood Starkid is of Taimur. Often her cute pictures and videos go viral on social media. Taimur is sometimes seen doing yoga with his mother, and sometimes he is seen gardening with his dad. People always have a desire to know about Kareena-Saif’s beloved. So let us show you some fun-filled moments of Taimur.

Paparazzi’s favorite Taimur

Taimur Ali Khan is often spotted with his mother Kareena Kapoor and father Saif Ali Khan. Whenever Taimur comes in front of the paparazzi’s camera, he treats everyone with great admiration. Taimur, like any star, is seen shaking hands towards the camera. In this video, Taimur is seen with his father and younger sister Inaya. In the video you can see that first Saif sits in his car, Taimur is coming behind him, then Inaya appears. Taimur, on seeing the paparazzi’s camera, shakes hands and says, ‘May I go’? This video had become very viral.

When the head banged on the door in excitement

In this video you can see that Kareena Kapoor first gets down from her car and she shakes hands towards the paparazzi. Taimur gets excited seeing the paparazzi, they too hurriedly get out of the car and shake hands towards them, then try to go inside the house with great speed. In this rush, Taimur’s head collides with the door. This video was also seen a lot on social media.

Taimur is always in the mood for fun

In this video you can see that Taimur is coming out of the house with his mother, as soon as he comes out of the house, he gets excited seeing the paparazzi and jumps.

Taimur is media friendly

In this video, Taimur is seen at the airport with his mother Kareena and father Saif Ali Khan, as soon as the paps say bye to him, they too walk towards their car saying boy. His style was liked by the people.

Many such videos have gone viral on social media, in which Taimur is seen behaving friendly with the paparazzi. Taimur was born on 20 December 2016. Taimur’s younger brother Jahangir Ali Khan was born on 21 February 2021. Jahangir is affectionately called Jeh by all. Kareena-Saif keep their younger son away from the cameras of the media.

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