Tanushree Dutta furious after seeing writing only model on Wikipedia.

Tanushree Dutta furious for writing only models on Wikipedia

There are millions of fans of Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta. Along with acting, she is also known for keeping her words out of the box. Recently, due to the ‘Me Too’ campaign, she became the subject of discussions. Tanushree is in the news once again. In fact, in a recent post, Tanushree expressed her displeasure on Wikipedia. Actually, Tanushree has been described as ‘Indian Model’ on Wikipedia, after seeing which Tanushree has got angry.

Tanushree Dutta has shared a picture of herself on Instagram and wrote that in my own Wikipedia profile, not a little or a lot, but quite a lot is written wrong. In this profile I have been mentioned as Indian model only. Which is tarnishing my reputation. I have tried to change it but every time it is back.

Tanushree further wrote that the first thing is that I am Miss India Universe and Bollywood actress. I am a star But Wikipedia is telling me only Indian model. Whenever people search about a public figure, they first google about their work and awards. All weird and rubbish is written about me. Imagine yourself that I have done so much in my life yet even a good and correct Wikipedia has not been presented about me directly. It could also be that the tools are incorrect and my awards and achievements are not showing up correctly.

Tanushree further wrote that I have left such strange things. I guess there isn’t much I can do about it. If anyone can help please do. It seems to me that the year 2022 is going to be very good for me.

Let us tell you that in 2018, Tanushree Dutta came into the limelight when she accused Nana Patekar of Me Too. He said that Nana Patekar had misbehaved with him during the shooting of the film ‘Horn OK Please’ in the year 2009.

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