Tanushree dutta writes on instagram about her wikipedia page

New Delhi: Tanushree Dutta has been away from Bollywood films for a long time. She lives in the US most of the time but she often shares her pictures and videos on social media. Tanushree Dutta has also been a victim of controversy many times. Tanushree Dutta has been away from the news for a long time but now she is once again in the news. Actually, he has talked about his Wikipedia profile being incomplete. Along with this, he has said about his achievement.

I am Miss India Universe and Bollywood Star
Tanushree Dutta has shared a picture of herself on Instagram and has written an accompanying caption. He wrote in the caption, ‘Hello friends, there is something that has been bothering me for a long time. This is my Wikipedia profile. In this, a lot of wrong has been written about me and at the same time I have been told only Indian model and is reducing my achievements. I tried to convert but it keeps coming back to the same.” She added, “I am a Miss India Universe and Bollywood actress/star, so don’t know why she says “Indian Model”.’

Tanushree further wrote…
He wrote, ‘It’s the first thing people see on Google when they see a public figure for work/awards etc and this profile of mine is weird and rubbish. Imagine that after doing so much in just one life, I can’t even have a straight and accurate Wikipedia presentation. Maybe the scriptures are right and my rewards and recognition are going to be in heaven. Anyway I’ve given up watching my shit with this kind of weird stuff, there’s not much I can do about it! If anyone can help please do…but…I think very nice and amazing things are going to happen for me in 2022.”

Tanushree Dutta has expressed grief over the misinformation on Wikipedia. (Photo Credits: iamtanushreeduttaofficial/instagram)

There were headlines in 2018
Tanushree Dutta made headlines in 2018 when she accused Nana Patekar of sexual abuse during MeToo but after a long investigation, the police decided to close the case. The allegations of Tanushree Dutta were considered baseless in the investigation. In this case, the police had filed ‘B Report’. B report is filed when the police do not find even a single evidence against the accused.

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