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Mumbai: In the joy of Taylor Swift’s album ‘Red’ (Taylor Version), fans organized a party in Sydney, Australia, in which the Kovid-19 test report of about 100 people who attended is positive. (Taylor Swift 100 fans test positive) has come. Obviously this party proved to be a superspreader for Kovid-19.

Taylor Swift’s theme party was held on December 10
According to Fox News, after the corona report of 97 people came positive, fans who attended the theme party of Taylor Swift’s album ‘Red’ (Taylor Version) in Sydney on December 10 to undergo a Kovid-19 test and isolate for 7 days. was asked to be.

According to reports, the pop star did not attend the event. The Health Department of New South Wales has expressed concern about Sydney’s Metro Theater following the celebration of Taylor’s album.

Instructions issued to isolate
The close relatives of the fans involved in the party have also been asked to conduct their own investigation. The health department there has asked everyone to remain isolated until their report comes negative.

The authority said in a statement, ‘NSW Health is immediately contacting 600 people who were in the Metro Theater at the time and who checked in via QR code. He and his family members are being instructed to get tested immediately and follow the public health advice.

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