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PooThe outbreak of cold is at its peak in the country, especially in North India. The cold winds are fascinated by the mind, are also disturbing, more disturbing. The other side of the coin is that all the hill stations and other tourism destinations of the country are full of tourists. However, if we talk about this controversy, then we will deviate from the topic. So we talk about cold waves and snowy plains. Snow covered valleys have always been enticing people, they have been calling. No one is untouched by the charm of snowy plains, neither small, nor big, neither rich nor poor. So how can cinema also stay away from it? The camera lens has always been fond of snowy fields. Whether it is the snow of Shimla-Manali or the snowy and captivating valleys of Kashmir and Gulmarg, or the beautiful views of Switzerland.

This happened to us i.e. the things of common people. If we talk about soldiers and military operations, then they find these beautiful snow-covered plains, instead of looking beautiful, they find it difficult. It is a different thing to go for a walk with full preparation and have fun for two to four days, but to protect the borders of the country by staying in such a place is a different thing. Fighting is even more difficult. But the matter of our brave soldiers is something else. With the zeal to die for the country by taking their lives in the palm, these soldiers are always eager for such a campaign from where the chances of coming back are less. Whether it is ‘Operation Meghdoot’ or ‘Operation Rajiv’, the campaign of war on Siachen Glacier.

So talk about movies later. We will talk about ‘Operation Meghdoot’ related to the Siachen conflict, which underlines the valor of the Indian Army, and will also learn about the ‘Operation Rajiv’ that followed. ‘Operation Meghdoot’ was the code name of the operation carried out to capture the Siachen Glacier located in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. This operation was started by the Indian Armed Forces on 13 April 1984. This army operation was a difficult task. Actually, the temperature at this peak situated at an altitude of 21000 feet was minus 30 degrees and goes even below. To go there, there was a need for special clothes with some special equipment.

The problem during that campaign in 1984 was that the army did not have the necessary clothes there and these clothes were not made in India. For these clothes, one had to go to far away Europe. After an information, when the Indian Army officials talked to the supplier of Europe who used to manufacture the clothes needed for Siachen, the address of another supplier was given from there saying that you should order them, we already have a big There is order. When I came to know about the order, the information that was received left the Indian Army stunned, as if the ground had slipped from its feet.

We got to see some documentaries on this campaign which present this campaign in a very effective way. One of the documentaries says –

‘A battle was going to take place at an altitude of 6500 meters, the soldiers did not know what would be the result of the war, but they knew very well what the difficulties were to come there. The dangerous thing he had to face from the enemies at an altitude of 21000 feet was the weather. In that glacial area of ​​minus 30 degree temperature, even simple tasks like breathing, talking or walking become very difficult. Soldiers have to face many life-threatening diseases like High Attitude Pulmonary Oedema and Hypothermia. ‘War is far from a war in such conditions, it was very difficult to go there and survive.’

First thing about Operation Meghdoot. It was such a difficult operation in which the chances of the participating soldiers to return alive were very less. Despite this, there was competition among the soldiers to take part in this campaign. So let’s go to the peak 6500 meters above sea level of Siachen Glacier and know the exciting tales of this heart-wrenching incident.

Some mountaineers contacted the army and said that we want to climb the Siachen Glacier from the Jammu and Kashmir side. Please allow us this. From the facts gathered during the talks and later by the army, it was revealed that during 1970 to 1980, the Government of Pakistan has given permission for many mountaineering expeditions from the Pak side to the Siachen peaks. This simply means that if a country gives permission to go to a particular place, then its dominion over that place will be considered automatically. The Government of Pakistan used to send an officer of the Pakistan Army as a liaison officer along with the mountaineers on these expeditions to assert its claim on Siachen.

Let us tell you, in July 1949, there was an agreement with Pakistan regarding the Siachen Glacier. In which there was a lack of clarity of boundaries. For this reason, who has the right over Siachen was also unclear and for this reason it was also a matter of dispute.

The Indian Army planned an operation for the control of the glacier on 13 April 1984 and finally got success in its campaign. By now you must have understood that the European supplier would have given the name of which country to order clothes, after hearing which the ground slipped from under the feet of the officers of the Indian Army. Yes, that country was Pakistan. As soon as the army got information that Pakistan is going to occupy Siachen. The army decided to carry out Operation Meghdoot immediately. It was also a happy coincidence that the necessary clothes were received from the European supplier before going on the operation.

The leader of the campaign was Brigadier Channa. It was led by Lieutenant General Premnath Hoon, the then General Officer Commanding of 15 Corps in Srinagar. Lt. Col. D.K. Khanna also participated in this. In this operation, the helicopter Chetak of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited was successfully flown and supplies and troops were transported. The then Major RS Sandhu led the formation of favorable conditions for India on the glacier. Captain Sanjay Kulkarni carried out the work of stopping the important peak Bilaphod La with safety. Ultimately, Operation Meghdoot was successful and the Indian Army was deployed on the Siachen Glacier, which continues even today.

After this, another operation was carried out on the hills of Siachen, which is known as Operation Rajiv. In 1987, Pakistan captured a post in Siachen and named it Quaid-e-Azam. Later, the Indian Army sent a Sikh soldier, Subedar Bana Singh, along with his company’s comrades. Bana and his associates captured that post. Later, seeing his bravery, the Government of India changed the name of that bunker from ‘Quaid Azam’ to ‘Bana Post’. This operation was named after Lieutenant Rajiv Pandey who was martyred at the beginning of this operation.

Talking about movies. Among those who are remembered in Bollywood films are Rajendra Kumar, Sadhna and Firoz Khan’s Arzoo, whose songs were super hits at that time. ‘Jab Jab Phool Khile’, Shashikpur Nanda’s film in which the famous song was – Pardeshi se na ankhiya milana, Pardeshi ko ek din jaana. Influenced by this film, Aamir, Karishma’s Raja Hindustani was made. Devanand, Zeenat’s Ishq Ishq Ishq. Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Talking about a Hindi thriller film, I remember the film Gaddaar, in which the seven villains of that era came together. Apart from this, there are many other films, which were filmed in Kashmir and other snow plains.

Talking about Hollywood, one remembers the James Bond series World Is Not Enough, Spector, Tomorrow Never Die and Silver Stallone’s film ‘Cliff Hanger’. The story of ‘Cliff Hanger’ was very interesting. A huge amount of bank has to be sent from one place to another in a plane. On the way to the plane, there is a mountain of snow like the Himalayas. First a plane flies evenly on this mountain covered with snow peaks. Then he is controlled by the villain with the help of his companions present in the money plane. Then the entire amount is shifted in the air in the new plane, their people are shifted and the plane carrying the bank amount is crashed. Hero Sylvester Stallone embarks on a mission to find the plane that crashed on this snow-covered hill and the money being carried in it and the audience is fascinated by the beauty of the snow and the thrilling stunts on it.

Both Bollywood and Hollywood love snow. But with a big difference. Hollywood enjoys doing exciting activities in the snow, while Bollywood enjoys romancing in the snowy plains. Hollywood movies are full of stunt scenes in snowy plains, whereas Bollywood hero-heroines are seen romancing here. By the way, exceptions will be found everywhere.

(Disclaimer: These are the personal views of the author. The author himself is responsible for the correctness / accuracy of any information given in the article. News18Hindi is not responsible in any way for this)

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