The Unique Science of Meditation

Ted Sirius of Chicago was neither an Indian yogi nor a scholar of meditation.

Poonam Negi

Ted Sirius of Chicago was neither an Indian yogi nor a scholar of meditation. But when he used to meditate with full concentration by keeping the camera in front of him, focusing his mind on whatever object, the picture of his mental imagery emerged in front of the camera lens instead of his external figure. Think of it this way, when Ted focused his attention on the horse, the image of the horse appeared in the lens of the camera, not Ted. He was very surprised and confused by this incident that happened to him. In the beginning, Western intellectuals called it illusory and ‘hypnotism’, but when in 1963 such imagery of Ted Sirius in the presence of Palin Ohler, vice president of the ‘Illinais Society for Psychic Research’, a research organization on psychology and superhuman consciousness in America. When pulled, there was panic all over Europe.

American and European scientists were amazed at how well the camera could capture the conceptual figure of the brain without any instruments and microwaves. For him, this incident with Ted was nothing short of a miracle. This experiment of Ted had intrigued the entire science class of the western world of the last century. Incidentally, in 1962, Ted Sirius got to see the map of India. Generally, only geographical boundaries can be estimated from a map. But what is happening at which place, how people live there, what are the famous buildings there, etc. There can be no clear information about all the things from the map. On this basis, in order to test this supernatural power of Ted, the experts of the said US institution asked him to take down imagery pictures of some famous places of India too.

Ted drew two mental pictures of Fatehpur Sikri and Delhi’s Red Fort. Upon subsequent investigation, Ted’s imagination and the amazing resemblance of real buildings made those experts clench their fingers under their teeth. Let us tell that in the monthly magazine ‘Kadambini’ of November 1968, the comparison of those pictures of Ted Sirius with the correct pictures was presented. Seeing him, no one could live without being surprised that how a person sitting in America, without ever seeing it, took exact photos of such a place in India.

The solution to this curiosity lies in the Sanatan Yoga Science of India. According to Vedic mystics, the incidents that happen with Ted neither fall under the category of ‘Hypnotism’, nor ‘Trick Photography’. In fact, this is the result of the seeker being concentrated in a deep state of meditation. Meditation is the most serious science of Indian philosophy. On the basis of this meditation, the entire Indian sage sitting at one place, not only used to know the mind of the people living miles away, but also gave them blessings and health benefits from Doordarshan, Doorshravan. The Vedic sages, on the strength of this unique science of meditation, absorbed themselves in the vast Divine Consciousness and attained the greatest benefits of ecstasy and salvation.

It is mentioned in the Yogdarshan of Maharishi Patanjali that when a river joins the sea, its flow seems to be different at some distance, but in a short time the existence of the river merges with the sea in such a way that there is some sense of its independent existence. It wouldn’t have happened. In the same way, when a person meditates on another person, object or country, the meditator’s mind merges in the knowledge of the support of the goal, that is, the experiences of both become one. In such a situation, the knowledge of oneness, despite being separate, is the cause of all those siddhis which are attained by yoga of meditation. Meditation is the name of merging one’s mental consciousness into the other’s mental consciousness and siddhis are its various modes. The more concentrated this method of merging, the greater the ductility, the more clear the knowledge of analogy becomes.


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