today is makar sankranti 2022 with punya kaal on Saturday | Makar Sankranti today – Sun entered Capricorn on Friday, the special auspicious time of Sankranti on Saturday

– Celebration of Sankranti started from Friday, worship rituals started

– Worship of Sun God will be done today, bathing will be done in pilgrimages


Published: January 15, 2022 11:38:05 am

Makar Sankranti, the festival of happiness, which is bringing the conch shell for the worship of Sun God, bathing and the beginning of auspicious works, may be celebrated on Saturday, but the enthusiasm and gaiety of the festival started from Friday itself. According to astrologers, Makar Sankranti will be particularly fruitful from Saturday morning.


Sun has entered Capricorn on January 14 after 8 pm. According to astrologers, pundits, there will be a special holy period from sunrise to 12.41 am on Saturday. On Makar Sankranti, devotees will offer prayers to the Sun in Uttarayan. The arrival of Makar Sankranti is considered with the entry of Sun into Capricorn.

According to Pt. Vishnu Rajouria, the Sun will enter Capricorn on January 14 at 8:41 pm. Therefore, its special punyakal will last from sunrise to 12.41 am on January 15. Pt. Prahlad Pandya says that Sun has entered Capricorn on the night of 14, so its special punyakal will be from sunrise on 15th.

A large number of devotees from Bhopal city will reach pilgrimage places to take holy bath. Special programs will also be organized in temples and homes. The delicacies of sesame jaggery, khichdi will be offered to the god. Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on January 15 in other temples including cave temple, Badwale Mahadev temple, Banke Bihari temple in the city.

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Hanuman ji

Laxminarayan Birla Mandir will remain open throughout the day on January 15 on account of Makar Sankranti festival. Temple manager KK Pandey told that the doors of the temple will remain open from 6 am to 8:30 pm on Sankranti festival. Special worship will be held in the temple on Sankranti and sesame dishes will be offered to the Lord. If more visitors come to the temple on January 14, then the doors of the temple will be kept open throughout the day on January 14 as well.

What will be Sankranti for which zodiac sign and what to do
: Aries- Money loss, be careful
: Taurus- Manglik work will be busy
: Gemini – Self satisfaction with work accomplishment
: Cancer – Success in works of financial gain
: Leo – Avoid controversy
: Virgo- Interest in work in cultural, literature
Libra – Achievement of fame and respect
: Scorpio – Prestige will increase in the state sector
: Sagittarius- Fear of unknown will remain restrained
: Capricorn – Will complete religious works
: Aquarius – The stalled work will be completed
: Pisces – Victory will be achieved in court and other areas.

Donating sesame, jaggery, khichdi and blankets on this day is considered particularly fruitful.
– Pt. Vishnu Rajouria

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corona Year 2022 predictionSankranti will be celebrated in Dadaji Dham temple today
The festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated in a small form on Saturday in the Dadaji Dham temple located in Patel Nagar of the capital. Rudabhishek worship, havan, aarti will be done in the temple. On this occasion, the chairman and trustee of the trust, a limited number of devotees will attend. The committee has made it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask to enter the temple. Without a mask, entry into the temple will not be allowed.
Must Read- Dhuniwale Dadaji: The main center of faith of the devotees, where the dhuni has been burning for 90 years Karunadham decorated with kites On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, special decorations were done in Karunadham Ashram including Mata Mahalakshmi temple and other temples. The entire temple courtyard is also decorated with kites and feathers. Masks are mandatory for all visiting devotees. Sanitizer has been arranged here for everyone. It is noteworthy that every year thousands of devotees come on Makar Sankranti.

festival of religious and natural significance
The entry of Sun into Capricorn is called Makar Sankranti. From this day the sun turns north. Bathing, charity, austerity, chanting and rituals are of utmost importance on this day. Along with this, on this day, bathing with sesame seeds and eating dishes made of sesame jaggery also has special significance. Sesame and jaggery are consumed on this day because carbohydrate, calcium and phosphorus are found in sesame. It is also rich in Vitamin B and C.

The change of season also starts gradually, hence the complaints of indigestion are more at this time, and sesame jaggery is digestive, nutritious, tasty and health-saving. Jaggery increases vitality. Eating jaggery after physical exertion removes tiredness and gives strength. By eating jaggery, the heart also becomes strong and cholesterol also decreases.


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