Tulsi Vivah 2021 Aarti, Puja Vidhi: Tulsi Ji Ki aarti Jai Jai Tulsi Mata Aarti In Hindi

Tulsi Aarti: On the day of Tulsi Vivah, Tulsi is married to the idol of Lord Vishnu or the stone of Shaligram.

Tulsi Aarti: Tulsi marriage is performed on the Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. It is believed that by doing Tulsi marriage, many problems of life are removed. The Tulsi plant is considered very sacred in Hinduism. On the day of Tulsi Vivah, Tulsi is married to the idol of Lord Vishnu or the stone of Shaligram. Tulsi ji’s aarti is performed after the completion of Tulsi Vivah. Know here the aarti of Mata Tulsi.

Tulsi Aarti:

Jai Jai Tulsi Mata, the bestower of happiness and the mother of all.
Above all Yogas, Above all diseases,
May you become a trata by protecting you from Rooj.
Jai Jai Tulsi Mata.

Daughter-in-law is Shyama, Sur Valli is Gramya,
Dear Vishnu, the one who serves you, the male would have drenched.
Jai Jai Tulsi Mata.

Tribhuvan is worshiped by the head of Hari,
The wife of impure people, you are the illustrator.
Jai Jai Tulsi Mata.

In the divine building that came in the business of birth,
Human people would get happiness and wealth from you.
Jai Jai Tulsi Mata.

You are very sweet to Hari,
Love is strange Shri Hari’s relationship with you.
Jai Jai Tulsi Mata.

Auspicious results of Tulsi marriage: It is believed that doing Tulsi marriage gives auspicious results. Those people whose marriage is getting delayed, if those people get Tulsi marriage done, then the chances of early marriage can be made. There is also a belief that people who want to get a girl child, their wish can be fulfilled by conducting Tulsi marriage. Due to its auspicious effect, happiness remains in married life.

Method of Tulsi Vivah: Tulsi Vivah is performed in the evening. On this day everyone wears new clothes. A sugarcane pavilion is prepared in a Tulsi pot and red chunri and honey are offered on Tulsi. After this the marriage is started by placing Shaligram ji in the pot. Then turmeric is applied on Shaligram and Tulsi plant and the pavilion is also worshiped by applying turmeric paste. Then taking Shaligram ji in hand, one has to circumambulate Tulsi 7 times. This is how the marriage takes place.


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