Tulsi Vivah 2021 Puja Vidhi, Shubh Muhurat, Mantra, Katha, Aarti And All You Need To Know

Tulsi Vivah Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Katha, Aarti: It is believed that doing Tulsi marriage removes all the troubles of life. Know the simple and accurate method of Tulsi Vivah.

Tulsi Vivah Puja Vidhi, Muhurat, Katha, Aarti: Tulsi marriage is considered a very virtuous act in Hinduism. It is said that by doing Tulsi marriage, one gets the result equal to the donation of a girl child and brings happiness and prosperity in life. This time Tulsi Vivah is being organized on 15th November. Tulsi is married to Shaligram in the form of Lord Vishnu on the Dwadashi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. It is a belief that doing Tulsi marriage removes all the troubles of life. Know the simple and accurate method of Tulsi Vivah.

Complete method of Tulsi Vivah:
Those who want to participate in the Tulsi Vivah, they get ready after taking a bath and wearing clean clothes.
Those who want to donate the daughter of Tulsi ji, they should keep fast.
Tulsi marriage should always be done in auspicious time.
In an auspicious time, place the Tulsi plant in the courtyard or on a post on the roof of the house.
Now install Shamigram ji on another post.
Make an octagonal lotus on the outpost and establish an urn on it. Fill water in the vase.
Place five mango leaves on the vase and wrap coconut in a red cloth on it.
Apply ocher on the pot of basil as well as make rangoli on the ground.
Keep Tulsi ji’s post on the left side of Shaligram ji’s post.
Now light a ghee lamp. Spray Tulsi and Shaligram ji with Gangajal.
Apply roli vaccine to Tulsi and sandalwood to Shaligram.
Now build a pavilion on the soil of Tulsi pot.
Wear red chunri to Tulsi ji. Also, wrap the pot with a sari and wear a bangle to Tulsi.
Bathe Shaligram ji with Panchamrit and offer yellow clothes to him.
Apply turmeric paste to Tulsi and Shaligram ji and also apply turmeric on the pavilion.
Start worship with things like lamp, lamp, fruits, flowers etc.
Taking Shaligram ji in hand, circumambulate Tulsi ji seven times. Keep in mind that only a man of the house should carry Shaligram ji in his lap.
In the end, do Tulsi ji’s aarti and offer Kheer Puri.
Keep singing Mangal songs during marriage.

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Tulsi Vivah auspicious time: Dwadashi Tithi has started from 06:39 am on 15th November and will end on 16th November at 08:01 am. The first auspicious time of Tulsi Vivah will be from 1:2 pm to 2:44 pm. The second auspicious time will be from 5:17 pm to 5:41 pm in the evening. ,Also read: Tulsi Ji Ki Aarti: Jai Jai Tulsi Mata, the bestower of all’s blessings and mother…)


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