UPSC: Ravi Jain of Jharkhand secured AIR 9th in Civil Services Exam. Read his success story here

UPSC: Ravi believes that coaching is not necessary to crack the Civil Services Examination.

UPSC: Ravi Jain is a resident of Deoghar, Jharkhand. He was always very good at studies and after completing his schooling came to Delhi for further studies. Here he earned an engineering degree and then started working for a foreign company. After working for about 3 years, Ravi had made up his mind to go into the field of civil services. For this he also left his job so that he could concentrate all his attention only on studies.

Lakhs of people work day and night to crack the Civil Services Examination but only a few succeed. Ravi had also decided to come to this area but the road ahead was not easy. Ravi could not even clear the preliminary exam in the first 3 attempts of civil services. In such a situation, instead of getting disappointed, he tried to rectify his shortcomings and continued his studies. In subsequent attempts, Ravi reached the interview round but he was not selected. Eventually, Ravi’s hard work paid off in the Civil Services Examination of 2019. This time he not only cleared this tough exam but also topped with 9th rank and also got the rank of IAS.

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Ravi believes that coaching is not necessary to get success in the Civil Services Examination. One can easily prepare for this exam without coaching. There is a lot of material available on the internet for guidance, preparation tips and study material, which can be used. They believe that choose only a limited number of books for studies, but keep revising them again and again from the same books. Along with studies, keep preparing notes and when the preparation is complete, give mock tests.

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According to Ravi, if the preparation has been done but even after this you are not getting selected, then you should focus on answer writing. Apart from this, also focus on time management during the exam. If you keep trying with the right strategy, one day you will definitely get success.


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