Vastu Shastra: These measures of Vastu Shastra are considered effective for progress and wealth prosperity

Vastu Shastra: It is said that if Vastu is not right then all the problems have to be faced in life.

According to Vastu Shastra, if there is no money in the house or if someone is ill in the house, then it is believed that the Vastu of the house is not good. It is said that if Vastu is not right then you have to face many problems in life. Therefore it becomes necessary to pay special attention to Vastu. Here you will know some simple methods of Vastu Shastra, by adopting which can bring happiness and prosperity in your home.

In Hinduism, the mark of the swastika is considered very sacred. It is said that making this mark with vermilion on the main entrance of the house keeps happiness and prosperity in the house. Due to its effect, negative energy does not enter the house. Keep in mind that the swastika should be nine fingers long and nine fingers wide.

Tulsi plant can be planted on one side and banana tree on the other side at the main entrance of the house. It is believed that by planting these trees, one gets rid of Vastu defects and the people of the house progress. If there is a delay in the construction of the house, then plant a pomegranate plant in the vacant plot according to Vastu. It is believed that by doing this there is a possibility of building a house soon. By placing a big round mirror on the roof of the house, one gets rid of Vastu defects. Due to this, no one has a bad eye on the family. To remove negative energy from the house, you can hang conch shells, oysters, cowries tied in red cloth or moli on the main door of the house. (Also read- Solar eclipse auspicious for 5 zodiac signs, the possibility of increasing wealth)

It is believed that by lighting a lamp of ghee in the morning and evening in the temple of the house and blowing the conch shell, there is no Vastu defect and the people of the family progress. To get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, after taking bath every morning, the women of the house take water in a copper vessel and sprinkle water around the main entrance of the house and around it. Apply a wipe daily in the morning by mixing rock salt in water. It is believed that by doing this negative energy goes away from the family. (Also read- There is a possibility of tremendous increase in the income of the people of this zodiac in December, see if this is your zodiac sign?)


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