Vidur Niti Never Lend Money To These 3 Types Of People Vidur Niti Life Management Tips

According to Mahatma Vidur, a lazy person should never be given a loan. Because such people can never accumulate wealth.

Maharishi Vidur was a knower of policies. Everyone was impressed by his sharp intellect. The policies of the famous Mahatma Vidur of the Mahabharata period are considered relevant even in today’s time. Whatever happened between Mahatma Vidura and Dhritarashtra before the Mahabharata war, is known as Vidura Neeti. Vidur ji has given some important suggestions regarding money. Regarding money, Mahatma Vidur believes that three types of people should never be given a loan of money, because the loan given to such people is never returned or it gets destroyed.

lazy person: According to Mahatma Vidur, a lazy person should never be given a loan. Because lazy people never understand the importance of money nor are able to accumulate it. They are also dependent on others to fulfill their needs. If you give loan of money to lazy people, it is not possible to get it back.

immoral person: Those who do immoral means, they should never lend money. Because such people use your given money to increase wrong works. Such people are ready to do anything to fulfill their selfishness. Therefore, one should not give money even after forgetting to the person who does bad deeds, because such people waste your money. Also your life may be in danger.

People you don’t trust: Never give money to people whom you do not trust. Because even if you give money to such people, you are not likely to get it back. That is why Vidur ji believes that by giving money to such people, a person harms himself.

It is believed that a person who follows the policies of Vidur ji can attain all the happiness in his life.


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